Finer YONI PEARLS (Womb Detox)

Finer YONI PEARLS (Womb Detox)

Yoni Pearls are tiny balls filled with herbs that have been used for many years in Traditional Chinese Medicine to support the body in detoxing the uterus and vagina. The pearls can help to remove scar tissue and fallopian tube blockages. They're effective at assisting the body in treating endometriosis, PCOS, PID, painful menstruation, fibroids, and ovarian cysts. Yoni Pearls promote increased moisture/lubrication to treat vaginal dryness e.g. post-menopause). They're anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and promote fresh odor and a tighter vagina.


1. Thoroughly wash your hands 
2. Unravel the string of the pearl (the string is wrapped around the base of the pearl)
3. Insert the Yoni Pearl deep inside vagina, approximately 7 cm, leaving the string hanging out
(You can dip the pearl in an oil to make it easier to insert)
4. You must remove the tampon 72 hours later (or earlier)
5. Use one pearl at a time
6. Rinse vagina thoroughly after removing the pearl. You can also do a yoni steam
7. Insert a new Yoni Pearl 24 hours after removing the last one
8. Allow up to 8 days for purging to take effect (a yoni steam can be done to speed this up)
*We recommend testing with one pearl first.


Cnidii Fructus - The Dried Fruit of Cnidium
This herb is able to increase sex drive and improve overall sexual performance. Cnidium is effective against both fungal and bacterial infections. It works to sooth an itchy, sore, and/or swollen vagina; abnormal vaginal discharge, genital eczema, trichomonas infection, and postpartum uterine prolapse. Cnidium is also used for infertility.

Stemona Root (Bai Bu) – Anti-parasitic. It regulates blood flow around the womb and helps to relax the tension in the uterine muscles which can cause menstrual cramps for women with endometriosis. Stemona is effective against trichomonal vaginitis because it is able to kill the parasitic protozoa that causes it.

Kochia Fruit - also known as Kochia Scoparia, Kochia Seed, Broom Cyprus or Earth Skin Seed. Traditional Chinese Medicine doctors use this herb to treat vaginal yeast infections. Kochia Fruit is notable for clearing damp-heat, especially in the urinary tract. But is also used for other damp-heat conditions like excess vaginal discharge. It is also said to improve vaginal itching.

Motherwort – Emmenagogue (stimulates or increases menstrual flow). It is pungent for dispersing and bitter for purging. This herb promotes blood circulation to regulate menstruation, removes blood stasis to promote the growth of new tissue. Motherwort is said to tone and increase the elasticity of the vaginal walls by encouraging circulation and thickening tissues. It is good for menopausal symptoms as well, including hot flushes and anxiety. Thanks to its ability to oxygenate the blood and invigorate circulation all around, Motherwort can reduce the intensity, length and frequency of hot flushes. It can even help to calm the dizziness or faintness that can accompany them.
Motherwort is simply the best for clearing up menstrual and uterine cramps. Prolonged use of this herb strengthens the muscles of the womb, and makes it resistant to cramping in the future. This herb has been used to help women with delayed labor or to help dispel the afterbirth postpartum.

Smilax Glabra Rhizoma - In Traditional Chinese Medicine, Smilax Glabra Rhizoma is used to treat a variety of urinary conditions, such as urinary tract infections and related cyst growth. It is often found as an ingredient in various herbal remedies designed to treat low sex drive. Smilax Glabra also has anti-inflammatory effects.

Angelica Sinensis (Dong Quai) - The term dong quai means that “a husband shall return to his wife”. Simply meaning it improves women's sexual health. It is a tonifying, regulating and cleansing herb. Being considered one of the most important herbs in Traditional Chinese Medicine, dong quai can help with infertility, hot flashes and menstrual pain. It also promotes the proper balance of hormones and a regular menstrual cycle by improving the levels of estrogen in the body. With a good balance of estrogen, it works well in relieving vaginal dryness.

Sichuan Lovage – Anti-inflammatory and pain-reducing effects. It drains dampness from the body that causes pelvic swellings and vaginal discharge. Lovage is effective against UTIs by increasing the flow of urine when one is present. This herb is used to treat irregular menstrual periods. It prevents the stagnation of blood. A steady blood flow helps to clear the uterus of any old built up blood from previous menstrual cycles and prevents blood from being backed up in the future, leaving you feeling clean and refreshed.

Borneol – Antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties. Borneol is known for its ability to tighten vaginal muscles. Recent studies of this herb have demonstrated that it can actually reverse fibrosis.

Notes & Precautions

  • Do not use pearls 7 days before menstruation
  • Wait 3 days after menstruation before using the pearl(s)
  • Do not use pearls if you are pregnant
  • Do not use pearls if you are a virgin
  • Do not have sex with pearls in
  • Do not use pearls if you are allergic to any of the ingredients (see the ingredient listing above)
  • Some women may not purge much until their second treatment


Detoxing is great and necessary but not always pretty. Some itching, mild burning, foul smell and/or cramping may occur. For the majority these symptoms pass quickly. For some, even a yeast infection may develop during the purging phase. This is more likely in someone who has had yeast infection troubles. During detox, all the toxins being purged can alter your vaginal pH and any yeast that's being purged may irritate your vagina. We recommend you use our Yoni Balance, a boric acid suppository to rebalance your pH and coconut oil or raw shea butter to soothe any irritation. 

*This is a Chinese product and is only made in China. If you see someone saying it was made somewhere else, I would be skeptic. Same herbs, many different packaging. We encourage you to do your own research, this is a product of Traditional Chinese Medicine. This Product is not FDA or Canadian dept. of health approved. Always consult your doctor before trying any new supplements.


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